More Testimonials

“Personal Involvement is what endeared Mahalaxmi Logistics to me. All I had to do was tell them what I required them to do, what was on my mind and what my fears about my consignment were – and the way they took over from that point was unimaginably admirable. Now, after years of association, it's like working with an internal department of my own company. I can relax completely – even take a vacation, knowing Mahalaxmi is handling it….”

Mr Sanjay Raole, Director, Nova Cosmetics P. Ltd.

“To us, Mahalaxmi Logistics is a company that is extremely flexible and prompt on all counts. A young, strong and dynamic force in Logistics which can be trusted to deliver on every promise and flexible enough to go through with every deal on a one-to-one basis even in tight corners. Ultimately nothing matters more than trust, and that is Mahalaxmi's greatest strength as we have seen how well the company is known and its word honored by all operators in the field of logistics….”

Mohan Badra, Director, Speartech Packaging P. Ltd.

Some of our esteemed Clients...

  • Amrit Bottlers Pvt Ltd
  • Brindavan Beverages Pvt Ltd
  • Khandari Beverages Pvt Ltd
  • Moon Beverages Pvt Ltd
  • Narmada Beverages Pvt Ltd
  • Superior Beverages Pvt Ltd
  • Kinglife Sciences
  • Zetts Cosmetics Pvt Ltd
  • Aswa Chemicals
  • Enzal Chemicals (I) Pvt Ltd
  • Fem Care Pharma Ltd
  • Nova Cosmetics Pvt Ltd
  • Royal Antibiotic Pvt Ltd
  • Tiam Cosmetics Pvt Ltd
  • Rajat Pharma Chem Ltd
  • Syndicate Machines
  • Span Pack Systems
  • Span filling Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Ajanta Packaging
  • Amcor Pet Packaging Pvt Ltd
  • Speartech Packaging (I) Pvt Ltd
  • Amol Raj Printers
  • Aroma de France
  • Atmaram & Sons
  • Auto Morse
  • Dileep Ceramics Pvt Ltd
  • Dutron Pipes & Hoses Pvt Ltd
  • Jassar Forgings
  • Kidde India Ltd
  • Goel Crafts
  • Handicrafts
  • Interlabels Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Ishikaa Impex
  • Lamba Brothers
  • NSD Global
  • Nuclear offset printers Pvt Ltd
  • Macord Anex
  • Mysore Ammonia Supply Corp
  • Ramnath Glass Containers Pvt Ltd
  • S.S. Enterprises
  • Shafiqa Handicrafts
  • Vinyl Plast